Fluoridated Kidneys

I didn’t realize that fluoride and kidneys can’t be friends – until I discovered I was in 3rd stage kidney disease. Why didn’t my water company and my doctor let me know that fluoride is well known to cause kidney problems?!

Out there in the work world, I’m a medical social worker. I’m painfully familiar with things that happen to people’s health. But me? How could this happen to me? I eat lots of organic foods. I exercise and use organic personal care products. I don’t even use chemicals for cleaning (any more).

I read everything I could get my hands on about causes for failing kidneys. None on the list of possible causes pertained to me. I’m not diabetic. I don’t have high blood pressure. No high cholesterol, heart disease, liver disease, etc., etc.

Then I bumped into a whole body of research that talked about fluoride (like fluoridated water) being bad for people with poorly functioning kidneys. Bingo.

Kidneys and Fluoride Can NEVER Be Friends

Research makes it clear that people who’s kidneys aren’t functioning at 100% should avoid fluoridated water and fluoride from all sources. That’s because damaged kidneys can’t remove fluoride from the body as well as healthy kidneys – and instead of removing it, more and more fluoride accumulates in the kidneys until they’re so clogged up with it that they simply don’t work any longer.

This was interesting. I hadn’t realized that fluoridated water takes a poorly functioning kidney and heads it straight for failure. Obviously I needed to stop all fluoride intake – but I had another gnawing question: I really wanted to know if fluoridated water might have caused my original kidney problem?

Guilty As Suspected

Sure enough, research points a guilty finger at fluoride. Clearly it can be the responsible culprit for initiating kidney problems, especially at moderate doses. What’s a moderate dose? Well the CDC limit for fluoride in our drinking water is 4mg/liter (4ppm). That’s a moderate dose.

But is there any way to be sure that fluoride caused MY kidney problems? I have to ask myself, does it matter? Whether fluoride caused my kidney disease or was just making it considerably worse, do I really need it? It’s not contributing anything positive to me!! Drinking fluoridated tap water was a lose-lose situation.

Is It Even Possible To Quit Fluoride?

I quit. Quit fluoride. Just take this fluoride and shove it. That’s fun to say but seriously: Just try getting fluoride out of your drinking water. That little faucet in the kitchen keeps pumping out fluoridated water whether you’ve got bad kidneys or not; whether you want it or not. There’s no switch on it for fluoridated water and non-fluoridated water. We’re ALL on the fluoride tap – even though we didn’t vote on it.

We drink it. We bathe in it. We flush it down the toilets. We water our gardens with it. We even feed it to our pets. In order to avoid drinking fluoridated water, I started drinking spring water. That worked. It plugged that fluoride leak into my body.

I Thought Tea Was Good For Me

But I discovered another one: I found out that the highest fluoride containing consumable is tea. You read that correctly: TEA. Green tea and black tea. Instant tea, brewed tea, decaffeinated tea – ALL of it. The tea plant (camellia sinensis) preferentially sucks up fluoride out of the ground. It has to do with the plant’s biochemistry.

Until I discovered this piece of info I had been a tea drinker but I stopped overnight.

It SO Worked!!

Here’s the good news: After only four months of NOT drinking fluoridated water and NOT drinking tea, my kidney function improved by 90%, and it’s still getting better.

I couldn’t keep this a secret! I know there are other people who’s kidneys are weak and they don’t even know it, like I didn’t, until they happen to have some lab work done. Even then some people might do like I did the first time around –try to ignore the numbers and just wait it out. That’s the fast track to full on kidney failure.

At this point I’ve been off of fluoridated water and green and black tea for a total of nine months. During this time, my kidney function improved dramatically PLUS I’ve been feeling much better in other, unexpected, ways.

That’s what brings me here. That’s why I decided to start Fluoride Detective and share with you the things that I’ve found out about fluoride.



11 Responses to “Fluoridated Kidneys”

  1. Maria says:

    Thanks for your very informative blog on the dangers of F- for kidneyfunction in particular next to all other sideeffects in the body ocer the years..
    I actively ‘battle’ waterfluoridation for the last 10 years.
    For teadrinkers hereby an advice:
    Adding milk to the tea is important.The calcium in the milk will bind up fluoride in the tea and then it becomes harmless calciumfluoride which is not ab1sorbed in the body.Wishing you a blessed & healthy F- free year!

    • goldastarr says:

      Interesting concept about putting milk in tea so that the calcium will bond with the fluoride. Can you direct me to where I can read about this?

  2. Hi Golda.
    Great story, great video!

    My fluoride poisoning story starts out from getting three successive stronger and stronger antibiotic drugs to fight some stubborn infection that just wouldn’t quit. Each of them contained a fluoride substance as a “bio-activator”

    That was the beginning of my journey into Fibromyalgia, but I didn’t know it back then. In 1994 I was condemned to a life of chronic pain for the rest of my life by a well respected local Rheumatologist who had become very good at detecting this condition using trigger points.

    By 1999 I had become so dysfunctional I had to go on disability retirement. By January 2009, I was on 500 mg of morphine and over a dozen drugs because of Fibromyalgia.

    The fluoride connection!
    In July 2010, as I was starting to recover from this terrible affliction (that’s another story), I attended the 4th National Citizen’s Conference on Fluoride in Canton NY hosted by Dr. Paul Connett. That’s where Debbie Moore, another attendee, see her SecondLook web site here http://www.slweb.org/, broke the news to me about antibiotics and the fluoride connection.

    It my educated contention that anyone afflicted with any degenerative disease, illness or health problem should immediately “get off the fluoride” to ease his or her toxic burden.

    Most of all, drink distilled water and eat healthy foods only. I have been drinking distilled water since 2003 and I’m still alive, as you can see for yourself here. Get off the junk food and restaurant food! Eat organic in all the ways possible; lightly steam cook your vegetables to help detox their surfaces and retain nutrients, eat fresh fruits and vegetables but do not eat the peels of plums, apples, etc, unless you eat a whole pureed lemon once a day to help detox, making sure you cleanse its skin beforehand.

    Eat range fed animal meats, north Atlantic salmon and take a kelp supplement daily to help your thyroid get back to normal, because fluoride attacks the thyroid gland head on!…

  3. Excellent detective work, Golda. In Fairbanks, Alaska, we are on a similar voyage of discovery. Please visit and perhaps share with your readers.

    Douglas Yates

  4. Hi, Golda- Glad to find your site through Google Alerts! I signed up with that, for “fluoride” and “fluorine”. I just found you, and need to come back tomorrow for a more thorough browse. What I’ve seen looks great. Thanks, and I’ll be in touch.
    We have two groups (with sites) in Seacoast NH, USA, Fluoride Free Portsmouth.com, and mine, Surviving Fluoride (on Blogspot). NH Dental Bosses just threw together a “facts” website after a few of us spoke to City Councils. I can use a friend in the business, as it were.
    You are a good voice for this advocacy. Thanks. Pat

  5. Thanks for your very useful comment on my Fluoride Follies blog. I hadn’t been aware of your Fluoride Detective website. Good work!

  6. Bruce Robinson says:

    Hi Golda, I have some key fluoride symptoms, but no real improvement with no fluoride.

    Can you tell me how it plays out. do you get worse to start with, then better. Or do you feel better straight away. Did you improve slowly over many months etc ?? Thanks

    • Golda Starr says:

      How long have you been fluoride free and what sources of fluoride have you eliminated? For myself, I cut out fluoridated water and green and black teas. I also switched to mainly organic foods – hoping that would decrease fluoride input from those sources. I gradually felt better and better, but nothing drastic or quick.

      I monitored the kidney function by having my GFR (glomerular filtration rate) monitored every 2 months. That’s how I knew my kidneys were working better and better. I gradually regained energy, the pains decreased, food digested much better, my ability to focus improved drastically. But not overnight!! In 2-4 months changes edged in. After about 6 months I was no longer highly reactive to gluten any longer.

      But beyond this, I’m working on detoxing. After dumping swatloads of fluoride into my body for years upon years and have it deposit in bones and tissues all that time, getting it OUT is the next challenge. I’m no expert on that part but am learning a lot on the iodine yahoo group. They are active with detox ideas that I’m learning about. Reading past posts on that group is a good way of learning about getting toxins out of the body.

  7. ABSOLUTE PROOF FLUORIDE KILLS ! – Footage of fluoride damaging cells and stopping!

    This time lapse film was shot by Dr. John Ott, a pioneer in light therapy as well as time lapse photography. Dr. Ott was said to have done many films for the American Dental Association before he did this one for a different client. He was threatened and pressured and had to back away from this particular film. The narrator, Dr. Jonathan Forman of Ohio, voluntarily resigned from leadership positions on medical boards after the establishment got upset. A scientific lab did the work under contract.

    The main objection from the establishment was that “mice are not men.” The film shows mouse connective tissue cells being exposed to 1 part in 20 million fluoride. The cells slow down, shrink, and die. The experimenters thought that this level of fluoride represented the amount of fluoride in blood with a fluoridation level of 1.2 ppm F. The experimenters found similar results with even lower levels ( 1 in 60 million) of fluoride. To my knowledge, no one else has ever done a film like this. Doug Cragoe
    VIDEO: Proof Fluoride Kills

  8. Golda Starr says:

    How do you know if your kidneys aren’t working well?
    How do you know if you have kidney disease?

    You don’t – until you get your blood tested for kidney function. Kidney disease is silent . . . until the last stages.

    Ask your doctor to test your kidney function. Keep tabs on it.

  9. Nutrimom says:

    Thank you for this fantastic resource Golda!

    I want to point out a common misconception: Concentration whether 4 mg/L, the EPA’s limit, or 1 ppm, the CDC’s “optimum” until recently, does NOT equal dose. Dose is the total milligram intake from the number of liters consumed. So at 4 mg/L you get 2 mg fluoride from half a liter – very toxic to a bottle fed infant; at 1 mg/L you get 3 mg from three liters – which many of us who jog and do aerobics consume daily – toxic to the kidneys and bones of those who grew up on fluoridated water.

    Green and black tea often have up to 8 mg/L but few of us drink 3 liters of tea per day. But if you drink 3 cups of tea, you can get 6 mg of fluoride from that alone.

    Toxicity of a given dose depends on body weight, developmental vulnerability, and kidney function. Artificially fluoridated water is more toxic to an infant, child, or person with poor kidney function, as some to all of a given dose may be retained rather than excreted.

    Fluoridated water is many times more toxic to a baby whose bones are rapidly growing and whose kidneys excrete very little of that dose, than to a healthy young adult whose growth is complete and kidneys are able to excrete half or more of the dose.

    This is why we need to end artificial water fluoridation. The dose – and thus, the accumulation and toxicity – can not be limited by setting an arbitrary concentration in drinking water that is generally ten times more than Nature provides in fresh water that was available to humans and animals for millennia.