Your Brain On Fluoride

. . . or lack thereof!

For me, getting off the fluoride train meant feeling more alive, more capable, and better able to process information. I liken it to lifting an invisible veil of fog. I’m liking it a lot.

I’ve pored over dozens and dozens of research articles from India, Mexico, China, and Iran that address this issue of mental clarity, that talk about fluoride affecting people’s drive and reducing their actual IQ by as much as 10%. But not just the IQ. Studies also show that fluoride can fuzz up mental acuity, fog up memory and cause motor dysfunctions, learning disabilities and possibly even brain damage in children.

Actual Studies on the Dumbing Effects of Fluoride

I read these studies and wonder if it could be true, if we really might be “dumbing down” our own children in the name of (or guise of) dental health. Then I read the most recent study about fluoride decreasing IQ in children, released in December 2010. By eliminating other possible causes of lowered IQ’s (including brick tea consumption), this Chinese study presents undeniable findings.

The study compares children in two areas of China, one with a low level of natural fluoride averaging 0.36mg/liter water to an area of higher natural fluoride averaging 2.5mg/liter water. In the low fluoride area, there were 3½ times more bright children as in the high fluoride area. That’s enough to make a person pause for a moment.

And if the last statistic isn’t dramatic enough, digest this one: the high fluoride area had 2 ½ times more mentally retarded children than the low fluoride area. I’m hoping for essentially this same study redone by comparing a NO fluoride area to a high fluoride area.

Fluoride Carries Aluminum Into The Brain

This should be enough. This obviously IS more than enough – but unfortunately this isn’t all that fluoride does to the brain. Fluoride has a frequent companion: aluminum – and when the two of these guys hang out together (which they commonly do), all hell breaks lose. Aluminum in the brain is a possible causative factor in Alzheimer’s Disease. Fluoride is the key that allows aluminum to pass the blood brain barrier and set the stage for dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease through the formation of beta-amyloid plaques.

I avoid aluminum based deodorants and don’t cook in aluminum pans because of the Alzheimer- aluminum connection. But I never realized that fluoridated water promotes aluminum getting lodged in the brain.

Fluoride Fuzz Brain

And might it also be worth considering fluoride’s role in the traditional “couch potato syndrome”? Certainly the literature makes strong claims that fluoride makes us docile and apathetic, even submissive. There are claims that Hitler “dumbed down” and controlled people in areas he conquered through mass medication of drinking water with fluoride. I can’t verify whether this is true, though it certainly makes me wonder.

I’m wondering if I’ve been drinking fluoridated water all my life, would it make any difference to change now? Is the damage reversible? From my review of studies on this topic, I’m not sure “they” have the answer to the question. What I know is that within at most 6 months of when I got off all known sources of fluoride, I was able to think and communicate more effectively. I felt energized and joyful. I’m not sure the answer to the question but I really think it’s worth a good try.




2 Responses to “Your Brain On Fluoride”

  1. Carolyn Steere says:

    Cant remember who said … those who not know thier history bound to repeate it

  2. G says:

    Fluoride is a neurotoxin. Have you reviewed Dr. Phyllis Mullenix’s studies or watched her YouTube videos?

    Despite what Politifacts and Quackwatch have to say about fluoride, there is plenty of evidence that fluoride was used by Nazi Germany and in the gulags of Russia.

    You can read some of that history here.

    In 1952, Charles Elliot Perkins authored a book/pamphlet called “The Truth About Water Fluoridation” which speaks of the Nazis using fluoride. It is currently out of print but you can get a (free) PDF copy of it here.

    You can read about how the USA supplied sodium fluoride to Russia for their gulags in Major George Racey Jordan’s diaries here.

    Fluoride has quite a history!!